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Let's Do Lead Generators...

We all have those organic customers that will land at our door each day no matter what we do. However, the other 90% will need to be nudged or motivated to walk in our door. Donald Miller, one of my favorite experts on marketing and branding talks about this in his book, "Building a Story Brand" . He recommends offering informational PDFs, webinars or promotional items in exchange for an email address.

So I decided to put a lead generator into play for a client and here's what I found. Using Facebook ads to target our audience, we offered a chance to win a pair of rescue gloves in exchange for a page like, YouTube Channel subscription and/or an email address. I created several different designs for each "ask" and I've got to admit, they are working nicely. Now it's your turn, so what could you offer in exchange for a potential client's information? Where is your audience and what motivates them? I'd say give it a shot, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

PS..If you need any guidance or technical help with deploying this or any other branding and marketing tactics reach out today. -Mike Bellamy 850-264-7420

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